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Sun to Sat : 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Al Saqr Business Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

Terms and Conditions

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1. Mandatory Documentation:

The following documents are mandatory to rent a vehicle from Hertz UAE and must be produced at the counter:

  1. Valid Passport & Emirates ID
  2. Valid Driving license issued at least 1 year before the pick-up date
  3. Valid International Driving license, where applicable, for customers who are on a visit visa
  4. Credit Card in the name of the renter for security blocking

Important: For customers who are opting for delivery, the above-mentioned documents should be uploaded at the time of booking creation or emailed to at least two hours before the scheduled delivery.

2. Delivery, Extension, Return, and Exchange

  1. The minimum rental period is one day (24 hours) with a maximum grace period of 29 minutes from the elapse of the term agreed. In the event of the late return of a vehicle exceeding the grace period, We reserve the right to make an additional daily charge at the applicable rate, including fees for the options taken for each day.
  2. The customer should inform us in advance about any required extension of the rental contract. If the customer fails to return the vehicle on the due date and does not notify us of any extension, the agreement will be renewed automatically, and charges will be debited from the available credit card.
  3. This Rental Agreement remains valid until the Vehicle is returned by the Renter to the agreed drop-off location.
  4. By accepting the Vehicle, the Renter confirms that the rental vehicle is in the same condition indicated on the Vehicle Check Report and the Renter accepts full liability for any further damage to or loss of the Vehicle, however, it occurs. The Renter remains fully responsible for the Vehicle until it is returned and checked in by an authorized representative, as confirmed in writing by Mina.
  5. The Renter agrees to return the Vehicle with all documents and accessories (such as the spare tire and the toolkit) and in the same condition as received at the location and on the date and time stated in the Agreement.
  6. Mina reserves the right to repossess the Vehicle at any time if the vehicle is used in violation of this Agreement or if the Renter fails to settle its financial obligations to Mina.
  7. If the Renter returns the Vehicle outside of the location working hours, In all cases the Renter is fully responsible for the Vehicle until the site re-opens for business and the vehicle is checked in by Mina.
  8. If Mina agreed that the Renter can return the Vehicle to a place other than the rental location, or if Mina agreed to collect it, the Renter is fully responsible for the Vehicle until Mina collects it and, in all events, the Renter must obtain a document confirming that Mina collected the Vehicle.
  9. Mina is not liable to the Renter or any passenger or third party for loss or damage to property left in the vehicle either during the period of rental or thereafter. Such property is entirely at the Renter’s own risk throughout the term of the agreement.
  10. The rented Vehicle may need to be replaced if the vehicle is due for service, sale exchange, accident, etc. In this case, the Renter must deliver the Vehicle back upon Mina’s request. We do not guarantee to return the same vehicle to the Renter. If Mina is unable to adhere to service intervals due to late return, this could result in financial obligations and damages to the Vehicle. Any such costs will be entirely borne by the Renter.
  11. If the vehicle requested by the Renter is not available, Mina may allow an upgrade for temporary use only. Once the car in the Renter’s charge group is available, Mina will contact the Renter for an exchange and, in this event, the renter must return the Vehicle, as soon as Mina request it. Three attempts for exchange will be made. If all attempts are unsuccessful, the Renter will be charged for the upgraded vehicle from the date the vehicle in the Renter’s charge group was available.
  12. Early termination of monthly contracts will result in a higher rate. This is calculated based on the applicable rates for actual used days.
  13. If the Renter does not return the vehicle on the expected check-in date, dues are not settled on the agreed date, or in case the vehicle is used in a manner that violates the terms of the rental agreement, Mina reserves the right to:
    1. Report the vehicle as stolen to the Police
    2. Repossess and recover the vehicle without prior notice to the Renter
    3. File a police case against the Renter/Payer for non-payment of the outstanding dues
    4. Charge the Renter the late fee of 2% on the unpaid installments, all additional costs including recovery fee, damages, etc. until full settlement is made.

3. Personal Data

The Renter entitles Mina to communicate the personal related data of the Renter to the concerned authorities such as the police, traffic departments, Criminal Investigation Departments, and other relevant bodies.

4. Rates & Modification:

Rates are subject to change if any changes to the booking are made after the date of the reservation confirmation.

Where the Renter wishes to amend the initial period of rental – either by extension or reduction in rental days – the Renter acknowledges that Mina reserves the right to modify its rates accordingly.

5. Conditions of Use

The Renter is expected to look after the Vehicle carefully. In particular, it must NOT be used:

  1. To carry persons, the property of persons, or property for hire, except in the case of trucks and vans after getting Hertz’s prior written approval
  2. To carry a higher number of passengers than the amount for which the Vehicle is constructed to accommodate
  3. To carry any object or substance which because of its condition or smell, may harm the Vehicle or prevent or delay Hertz’s ability to rent it again
  4. To propel or tow any vehicle, trailer, or other objects
  5. In any race, test or contest or any illegal purpose
  6. For driving off paved road
  7. While the Renter or other driver of the vehicle is under the influence of alcohol, hallucinatory drugs, narcotics, barbiturates, or any other substance impairing his/her consciousness or ability to react
  8. In contravention of any customs, traffic laws, or other effective regulations
  9. By any person other than the Renter unless such person has been assigned by the Renter and informed to Hertz as the additional driver (as nominated in the Agreement)
  10. For sub-renting
  11. Outside the country, unless after obtaining Hertz’s prior approval and upon submission of all proper documents by the Renter; or
  12. In geographical areas which have been (or will be) notified by Hertz as restricted.

The Renter agrees to (i) be liable for any legal consequences or liabilities, (ii) bear all costs and expenses, (iii) to indemnify Hertz against any and all losses incurred by Hertz and/ or any damages occurred to the Vehicle, resulting out of the Renter’s breach of any of the above conditions of use under this clause no. 4.

6. Insurance Policy

Mina provides standard insurance for persons using the Vehicle under an automobile liability policy.

However, the Renter may opt for a higher level of insurance coverage after paying the applicable premium/rate as agreed with Mina and stated above in this Agreement. In this case, the Renter must get a signed copy of the Terms And Conditions of any extended insurance or have the extended insurance coverage expressly mentioned on the above of this Agreement (if it is higher than the standard insurance coverage mentioned above) failing which no additional insurance coverage will be regarded.

  1. In case of agreement on the ‘Collision Damage Waiver (CDW); the Renter accepts liability for losses of, or damage to the Vehicle, its parts, and accessories. This is limited to the amount of the non-waivable and non-refundable excess liability, as stated on the above of this Agreement. Further, the Renter shall provide Mina with a valid accident report issued by the police (or other relevant authority). Otherwise, all costs and expenses for reinstating and delivering the Vehicle to Mina in the same condition as it was received, shall be borne by the Renter.
  2. In case of agreement on the Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW); the Renter accepts the optional Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW) by paying, in advance, the equivalent premium specified on the Rental Agreement. The Renter is exempted from liability for loss of or damage to the vehicle, its parts, and accessories (other than caused by theft), provided that a valid Police Report is presented and the insurance company covers the same. The Renter acknowledges that any coverage becomes null and void in the absence of a permanent Police Report.
  3. In case of agreement on the ‘Personal Accident Insurance (PAI); the Renter accepts the optional Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) by paying the daily premium specified (as agreed upon with Hertz and stated in the above of this Agreement), insurance will cover the medical costs and accidental death for the renter and passengers in the event of an accident during the rental as per Mina’s Motor Vehicle Policy.
  4. If additional insurance is purchased for vehicle usage outside the UAE, this will be limited to damage claims and will not cover or compensate for any other expenses incurred. Insurance is valid upon submission of all relevant documentation to support the claim.

7. Damage/Loss, Theft, etc.

  1. In the event of damage, loss, or theft of the Vehicle or any parts of it, including fire and breakage of glass, the Renter shall irrespective of his driver’s fault, pay to Mina the amount of all resulting loss and expenses (including but not limited to replacement or recovery costs, repair costs, compensation for the decline in value and loss of the rental fee) if the Renter/Driver violated these terms and conditions, any provisions, customs/insurance regulations.
  2. The Renter is fully responsible for any damage to the Vehicle especially if it occurred as a result of contaminated fuel and/or was caused by driving through floodwater, and/or water damage and/or sea beaches and/or rocky deserts and/or sand dunes/off roads.
  3. A loss of revenue, Mina may charge a compensation corresponding to the rental charge until the day the Vehicle, or replacement vehicle will again be available to Mina in the same condition as received by the Renter.
  4. In case of an accident (with or without damage to the Vehicle), any personal injuries, theft of the vehicle or parts of it, the Renter must inform Mina and immediately report the accident to the police to obtain a valid police report (the “Police Report”)  after providing or satisfying all required documents, information or procedures requested by the Police. A copy of the Police Report must be sent to Mina by the Renter. However, if the Renter defaults or fails to provide Mina with a copy of the Police Report within a reasonable period, the CDW and any other insurance provided hereunder shall be null and void and, therefore, the Renter shall be responsible for paying the actual costs suffered by Mina for losing the Vehicle, or any damage occurred to it.
  5. The Renter shall not perform any action that affects the existence or validity of the insurance policy, and in particular not admit any responsibility towards third parties. Otherwise, the Renter shall be solely responsible for compensating such a third party.
  6. In all events, the Renter agrees to fully indemnify Mina if the insurance company rejects any insurance claim raised thereby because of the Renter’s default and/or in case any third party sues Mina for the Renter’s actions or defaults.
  7. The Renter is obliged to assist Mina and/or its insurance companies in all claims or legal affairs in connection with an accident or any damage to the Vehicle. These responsibilities of the Renter shall apply accordingly in case of theft.
  8. If the Police Report/repair letter does not identify the third-party responsible for the accident, the Renter shall bear all expenses and costs incurred by Mina, or the excess liability amount according to the type of insurance selected and agreed upon by the Renter (if any).
  9. Tire and window damage is not covered under insurance, and the Renter is responsible for the cost of their replacement.
  10. No repairs are to be carried out on the Vehicle without the prior written approval of Mina.
  11. The insurance policy may be canceled if the Renter fails to comply with the terms hereof. In this event, the Renter shall be liable for all costs, damages, and losses incurred by Mina due to the Renter’s default.

8. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This Agreement is governed by and shall be construed and interpreted under the law of the United Arab Emirates as well the local laws applicable to the Emirate where it is executed. If there is any dispute between the parties hereto, the same shall be submitted to the competent court.

9. Charges

  • Mina reserves the right to change its policies, including the applicable rates at any time without notice. These policies are for general informational purposes only and do not constitute a waiver of any of Mina’s rights, all of which are specifically reserved.
  • Monthly rentals have a fixed mileage allowance per month. Excess mileage will be charged at AED 0.30 to AED 0.50 per additional km, depending on the car type. Please refer to the terms of your contract for details.
  • In the event the rented vehicle incurs Salik or attracts a financial penalty from the police or Traffic Department during the time of rental, Mina is authorized to debit Salik or the cost of those penalties to the Renter/Payer’s credit card or company account. Salik toll fee will be charged at AED5.00 per crossing at the toll gates.
  • 00% service fee will be charged on top of each traffic violation, including the knowledge fee. If a traffic offense attributable to the customer requires the vehicle to be impounded by the authorities, Mina will ensure that necessary fines are paid to avoid such an impound. The applicable impounding charges will be recovered from the customer. All ancillary costs generated 30 days from the closing of the agreement will be recovered automatically from the customer’s credit card without any notification.
  • Additional admin charges will apply in all such cases where Hertz has to provide any extra assistance to the customer. This can include but is not limited to Final Police Report, Traffic Fine evidence, vehicle release from impound, drunk driving, lock fines, Document translation, etc.
  • Valeting charges will be applied if the vehicle is returned in a condition that requires specialized cleaning.
  • Additional fees for any roadside assistance will be levied for the recovery of the Vehicle or towing or pulling the Vehicle to the workshop due to the Renter’s negligence or default.
  • The Renter shall timely pay to Mina the agreed rent/rates throughout the term of this Agreement. In case of renewal hereof, or if the Renter is unable to return the vehicle upon the termination or expiration of this Agreement, the Renter shall be charged new rates/rent as per Hertz’s current effective rates at that time.
  • The Renter authorizes Mina in advance to debit any charges (rental and any ancillary charges such traffic fine, traffic fine supporting document, Salik or toll fee, damage, petrol, etc.) according to this Rental Agreement from the Renter’s credit or charge card account.

10. Payment, Cancellation & No-Show:

A credit card in the name of the renter is mandatory for car hire.
We accept payments online using Visa and MasterCard credit cards in AED.

Secure your booking by paying online and you may cancel anytime, if needed, without incurring any additional cost.
You may cancel the booking online or by calling our UAE Helpline (+971 4 206 0206) or 800 43789 (HERTZ).
Customer credit card details and personally identifiable information will not be stored, sold, shared, rented, or leased to any third parties

11. Refund

Refunds for cancellation of bookings will be processed on the same credit card that was used to pay online within 7 working days of the cancellation.
Such refunds should be claimed within a maximum of 30 days from the pick-up date in the reservation.
All other refunds will be processed after 30-days from termination of the Rental Agreement. All outstanding ancillary charges as well as other dues to Mina, if any, will be recovered automatically before processing the refund.
In cases where Mina is unable to process the refund due to an invalid credit card, refunds should be claimed within six months from the date of return of the vehicle.
No Refund applies on the early return of Daily and Weekly rentals.

12. Indemnity

Save for fraud and gross negligence, Mina shall not be held liable or responsible for any loss or damage incurred to or suffered by, the Renter or any other third party in connection with the rented Vehicle
The Renter agrees to indemnify and hold Mina (and its subsidiaries, affiliated companies, employees, and agents) harmless from and against all damages, losses, costs, expenses, actions, proceedings, claims, and demands arising from or connected with the Renter’s breach of its obligations under this Agreement or with his/her driving of the Vehicle.

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